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General Dentistry in Central Coast

At Seabreeze Dental, we offer a suite of general dentistry solutions to help you and your family enjoy a bright and healthy smile!

Putting Patients at Ease

We understand that dental anxiety is very real. Our dentists and team are very reassuring. Some anxious patients enjoy watching television while the dentist is working. We also offer sedation dentistry, including happy gas, that will allow you to be completely comfortable during your procedure.

Dentist with male patient


We place great emphasis on preventative dental care. That’s why we recommend patients come in for their six monthly checkups and exams to maintain their oral health. “My advice to patients is that if we can diagnose their issue early in its progression, the cost, discomfort and extensiveness of work needed are quite less,” said Dr Sushant Rohilla (Dentist).
During checkup visits, we’ll provide the following:

  • A review of old fillings and crowns
  • A check of the gums
  • X-rays
  • A clinical examination
  • Advice on how to clean your teeth and floss, including how to use a water flosser

We’ll also check your gums, see if there are cavities, and address any concerns you may have.

Orthodontic Evaluation

Your dentist will assess your smile to determine if you have any malocclusion that might require braces, another type of appliance, or necessitate an orthodontist referral.

Decay Prevention

Sometimes we can find decay early and apply fissure seals to stop it or prevent decay from happening in the first place.


We can perform comfortable extractions, including wisdom tooth removal. If your situation is more complex, we can refer you to an oral surgeon.


Coming soon — same-day crowns and same-day ceramic fillings/onlays!

Using CEREC technology, we can make same-day ceramic crowns at our practice. We will also be offering E.max and zirconia crowns in a day.

With the traditional crown procedure, we have to do a temporary crown or filling on that tooth until the time we give a patient the final crown. With CEREC, a temporary filling or crown isn’t needed.

Root Canal

This alternative to extraction preserves your tooth. After the procedure, we can provide a crown or bridge.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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